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Services and activities



We implement afforestation and reforestation projects and manage forest plantations based on technically sound criteria and on FSC™ standards. Currently, we realize the technical management of PAYCO’s reforestation projects with a planned production area of 9,000 ha in the eastern region. Within this framework, we cooperate with the livestock sector for the implementation of silvopastoral systems.

Management of natural forests


We manage native forests under the principles of sustainability, generating income while preserving and restoring forest resources. For over 10 years we have been managing 5,580 ha in the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest through our joint venture company ForCerPa. ForCerPa is notable for being the first company to operate under the FSC™ standard in Paraguay.

Consulting services


We support organizations, producers and investors in the verification, implementation and management of forestry projects. Our multidisciplinary team provides the following services:

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