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Management of natural forests

   Consortium Forcerpa

Description: The Consortium Forcerpa is currently in charge of the sustainable management of 5.580 ha of native forests in the humid eastern region of Paraguay (Department Caazapa. Since 2004 ForCerPa works under the standards of FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™). The Consortium ForCerPa was formed in 2002 a “Joint Venture” enterprise between Unique Wood Paraguay S.A. and Sociedad Agrícola Golondrina S.A. The Sociedad Agrícola Golondrina (SAGSA) is the owner of the forest. With the introduction of the mobile saw there is an increase on the precision of the cut and also an important increase in the production yield. The sales of wood are local and international according to the demand of the customers.
Partners: Grupo Espiritu Santo
Area: 5.580 ha
Year: Since 2003


   Reforestation with Eucalyptus spec.

Description: In the department of San Pedro we are responsible for the technical and operative management of a reforestation project for biomass and quality timber. Overall goal is to establish 9,000 ha of Eucalyptus plantations in the eastern region of Paraguay. All these areas have added to more than 3,000 ha of afforested land until midst of 2014. A monitoring system has been established for supervision planting process as well as broad social and environmental activities. The reforestation project is running according to the principles of the Forest Stewardship Council; certificate obtained in 2014.
Partners: PAYCO, Rancho 068, Ocampo Cue
Area: About 4,000 ha at the end of 2014
Year: Since 2011

   Reforestation with Eucalyptus spp., Grevillea robusta, Melia azederach

Description We were responsible for the technical and operational management of several reforestation projects in the Oriental Region. We also provided support and technical advice to many plantations.
Clients: Riquelme, Agroganadera Rhoedel, Rafael del Puerto
Area: 470ha
Year: Since 2003


   Forest Management Plan and certification for environmental services

Description: The aim of the project is the sustainable management of forest resources (2.587ha) of a property that belongs to the Ache Guajaki and certification of forestry resource that exceeds established by law for marketing and bonds. The property has 4.600ha, adjoins the Mbaracayu Reserve.
The products of this project are the Forest Management Plan, a manual on integrated management of the forest resource, participatory workshops and training to indigenous, and certification for environmental services.
Client: WWF

   Forest Management Plan. Technical and economic analysis Kuarajhy Retâ and Los Ceibos

Description: It was presented a Forest Management Plan as a Model of Sustainable Forestry and replicable for the Western Region (Chaco) made for two properties in the Department of Alto Paraguay. The implementation of the Forest Management Plan as a pilot model was sought by presenting the analysis of the cost-benefit ratio. Both properties, Kuarahy Retã and Los Ceibos, are located in Agua Dulce, 850Km from Asuncion city, in Bahía Negra District, Department of Alto Paraguay.
The total area of the Kuarahy Retã property is 21.000ha, of which the area under management is 2.940ha.
The total area of Los Ceibos property is 13.401,96ha, of which the area under management is 6.497ha.
Client: WCS - Paraguay

   Forest Management Plan. Technical and economic analysis Karaja Vuelta

Description: Karaja Vuelta property is located in the department of Presidente Hayes, 40Km from the city of Concepción.
We want to implement a management plan for the sustainable use of native species that characterize this region. The property has direct output to the Paraguay River, which facilitates the transport of wood harvested and reduces freight costs, without compromising the ecological and cultural forest functions.
For this we did a forest inventory in the area of productive forest, to estimate the volume of wood and the relation cost-benefit of implementing a forest management plan for the forest studied (3.300ha).
Client: Antenor Ruffinelli

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